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In-house training and workshops

We are associated with various independent Think Tanks, Universities, and Global Associations, which are committed to develop strategic thinking. The vision of our In-house training is to create a better human being and the best professionals while providing 360-degree learning solutions.

In-house training courses can either be:

  • 'Off-the-shelf' — where a standard Informing course is delivered or
  • Tailored – where we will write a new course, according to the brief received.

On the basis of theory of “Training for all” we give our clients a fix package at flat rate to conduct training for their employees. It helps our clients to save cost of sending their employees for expensive public courses. It also helps client to build relation with the trainer for long term courses.


What will The CO provide for an in-house course?

The CO will provide:

  • One trainer for two days for up to 25 participants (except Training for Finance Trainers events where the maximum number is 15)
  • Course handbooks and workbooks, and certificates.
  • End-of-course evaluation and a brief feedback report on the course
  • Follow up support to course participants via email for 12 months after the training.
  • We will also organise the trainer’s international travel, general insurance and the printing of all training resource materials.

What will you be responsible for?

In-house clients are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the training group is suitable for the course being delivered
  • Organising course bookings and participants’ logistics
  • Hiring training facilities and equipment suitable for participatory-style group training if you choose to conduct training in premises
  • Arranging lunch & refreshments for participants and trainer

If you conduct training outside of your premises the please note costs that Informing will not be responsible for, such as:

  • Training venue -e.g. room hire, training stationery, food and refreshments
  • Participants’ costs — e.g. travel, accommodation, meals

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